Global GAP Standards- How Safe is Our Food

How Safe is Our Food

If there is one thing we do at least once every day without fail is eating. But have you ever taken a moment to think about the whole production process, who regulates it? and how exactly safe is consuming food that that you just found on the market floor, already packed or on the shelf? Well if you have, you are not the only one, others have had such concerns before so much so that globally there are standards that have been set for food producer to conform to ensure food safety. One amongst others is the Global GAP Standard.

HOW TO PLANT FRUIT TREES THIS SEASON [Guidelines for the care and management of newly planted fruit trees – this Season ]

As a follow up on our last article- Fruit Tree Management, in this one we share basic information on the fruit tree management of Mango, Citrus, Litchi, Avocado, Banana and Pawpaw:

  • Site selection

For such trees, they require frost free or dry areas maybe except for avocados and banana. They thrive just fine with enough rainfall of about 650mm, in well-drained and aerated loam soil with a pH scale of 6-7. The most ideal areas would be the Low and Middle veld.