Food prices expected to continue fluctuating in 2018

Exchange rate fluctuation will continue to play a determining role in the cost of food products in coming months.

This was a sentiment echoed by several economists and researchers, interviewed by Farmer’s Weekly following the release of the latest producer price inflation (PPI) and consumer price inflation (CPI) statistics.

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Listeriosis Outbreak Alert

Listeria Infections Concern in South africa

Listeria is an organism that contaminates food and can result in pregnant women going into premature labour or even losing their babies.

This disease of concern to us in the fresh food industry, and we will continue to monitor, especially with our proximity to South Afrfica, and the fact that we procure the bulk of food from markets in RSA



The following chicken prices were submitted by Encabeni Fresh Produce Market:

  1. Fresh bulk star pack: E37.23 per kg

  2. Catering deboned breasts: E41.20 per kg

  3. Heads and feet: E9.10 per kg

  4. Livers: E18.00 per kg

  5. Whole birds: E24.20 per kg