Baby Vegetables Demand and Supply in Swaziland

According to data available on AMIS, the size of land committed to baby vegetables, and the volumes of produce expected thereof, is far lower than the projected demand. On another note, the production of the other vegetables (conventional ones) always take a lead, yet they easily saturate the market. We only supply way less than a ton of each of the commodities (patty pans, baby marrows, baby gems, sugar snaps, mangetout peas, baby corn, etc) per week, yet the demand is a minimum of 2 tonnes of each per week. Currently, Swaziland has a competitive advantage in producing baby vegetables compared to our counterpart (other countries in Southern Africa, more especially). There are a number of reasons that contribute to that, such as the cost of labor, seasonality in terms of the varied agro-ecological zones, etc. This, therefore, shows clearly that our farmers can make use of such an opportunity to acquire some income on these commodities.