Josephine Simelane - Shiselweni, Mbelebeleni

Name :  Josephine ‘Lomantintinti’ Simelane
Region :  Shiselweni
Location :  Khamsile, Mbelebeleni
RDA :  Dumako
Farm area :  4 hectares (ha)
Crops :  Sweet potato (sandleni variety), tomatoes and Chinese swiss chard           

Mrs. Simelane is a very hardworking and experienced farmer who started farming in 1968. She was allocated land by her in-laws after getting married, which she turned into a farm. She has been growing sweet potato as an anchor crop and vegetables with her eight children ever since. She has a good source of water from a nearby mountain.

Lomantintinti has a farm of about 4 hectares, of which a hectare has been used for sweet potato production. She uses the remainder for other crops like tomatoes, spinach and sugarcane. Currently she has 0.1 ha of tomatoes and 0.2 ha of Chinese swiss chard in production.

She used to grow a lot of tomatoes for matata spar but has since concentrated on sweet potato due to high demand. She won Woman Farmer of the year in the past years with sweet potato as her commodity. She has no formal market for her sweet potato but she sells her produce to market vendors at Salem and Big Bend. She gets assistance from the RDA (Dumako) for crop husbandry. She sells the tomatoes and spinach to her local community. She appreciates AMIS and believes the system could help her secure formal markets for her produce. She is also a TOT for sweet potato trained by FAO.

kuyajabulisa kubona bomake basukuma batiphilisa ngekulima tibhidvo. nami ngingumlimi lomusha kunginika dvolocina kutsi ngichubeke ngikhusale. siyabonga make Simelane.