The Agricultural Market Information System of Swaziland intends to be the hub for all important information that can helps Agribusiness in the country. The information provided is collected from official entities and from stakeholders and may not represent all the agricultural business on the country as the national production is not totally loaded on the AMIS. The system aims to capture the majority of the national production.

By registering on the AMIS as a "Farmer User", Swazi farmers are entitled to forecast their productions and so buyers can know beforehand the availability for each crop.

All stakeholders are invited to Subscribe themselves to be able to contribute on Forums and Blogs and receive relevant alerts regarding the agricultural business.

For now, AMIS Statistics are about selected fresh produce like Baby Vegetables, Fruits and Conventional horticulture, but it is expected that in the near future other commodities will be included as well.

Target audience

The AMIS has relevant information on the national agricultural business and trends on international markets. All citizens, including agricultural stakeholders, students or researchers, are part of the target audience.


This Web Portal aims to provide relevant information to all agricultural stakeholders allowing them to take informed decisions by analysing statistics on the business intelligence module, or by reading important information and knowledge shared by the users on the collaboration platform.

There is also a free Subscription page which allows all users to participate on the Blogs and Forums with comments. Subscribers will also be entitled to receive by e-mail, relevant information on the agriculture sector.

Farmers have a specific section for them to register on the AMIS. By registering themselves, they can provide information regarding their Plantings and forecast harvesting yields and dates. They will be also entitled to receive relevant information by SMS if they provide their National ID numbers along with cell phone number.


The AMIS is hosted and managed by the National Agriculture Marketing Board (NAMBOARD) on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and in collaboration with several other stakeholders like ESWADE, SNAU, NGO's and Private Organizations, which help on data capturing, system dissemination and content drafting.


The system was funded by the European Union under the High Value Crop and Horticulture Project managed by ESWADE. The development was carried out from September 2016 to December 2017.